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I'm trying to figure out a best method for keeping track of certain profile information about a user that has a membership profile (username, password, etc.).  In particular the user is associated with a customerID that I use quite ofter in the querying of data.  Any suggestions on the best way to keep this information handy?  In the past I would keep it part of the session for the user, but now with the provider model and the personalization stuff I thought there might be a better way.

Your comments are appreciated.
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here is a sample of part of one of my static user classes: The from any age I can call User.userID and get a int returned with the users ID.

(Note: on below. Users session data is added to a sorted list at login. And than added to the session.)


Hope this helps!



public static class User


#region "Session"

public static int userID


get { return Convert.ToInt32(GetSessionData("userID")); }


public static string Username


get { return GetSessionData("Username"); }


public static string Email


get { return GetSessionData("Email"); }


public static string Name


get { return GetSessionData("Name"); }


public static string Unit


get { return GetSessionData("Unit"); }


public static string Location


get { return GetSessionData("Location"); }


public static string Ext


get { return GetSessionData("Ext"); }


public static string Role


get { return GetSessionData("Role"); }



public static string GetSessionData(string Key)


SortedList SessionData = (SortedList)HttpContext.Current.Session["SessionData"];



return SessionData.GetByIndex(SessionData.IndexOfKey(Key)).ToString();


catch (Exception ex)


James Hearst
.NET Application Developer
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