single authentication for Windows application & Web Application

Is it possible to share user authentication between Windows Application & Web Application?

If yes, how?

I want to show an ASP.Net Web Page to a user who is authenticated in Window Application or viceversa.

Thank you.

Never Say Die
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Hi sandeepmgupta,

I want to show an ASP.Net Web Page to a user who is authenticated in Window Application or viceversa.

I don't think it can be done directly since Web Application uses cookie to implement authentication while Windows Application not. There're two different authentication mechanisms.

But if the Web Application supports, maybe you could think about passing the username and password via query string to a middle page for the first request - it's not a good practice. For instance:


Within the ForAuth page(allow anonymous access), you could authenticate the user, generate an authentication ticket and redirect the user to the Default page.


David Qian
Microsoft Online Community Support

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10/15/2008 9:34:17 AM

 I am thinking about to use cookie which can be used using encryption & decryption safely.

What do you think?

Never Say Die
10/16/2008 9:27:11 AM

Hi sandeepmgupta,

 I am thinking about to use cookie which can be used using encryption & decryption safely.

Although cookie is more secluded, I don't think you can generate the cookie in a Windows Application directly. The cookie is always generated when communicating with the web server.

If you want to be more safe, you could think about encrypting the query string and decrypting it within the page.


David Qian
Microsoft Online Community Support

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10/16/2008 10:11:05 AM

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