Retrieving User profile values for all users.

Hi, I had a search but could not find the answer to this question.

 I am wanting to be able to retrieve all the individual profile values for every user and then show their first and last name in a drop down list so that I can select the name (value will be username).

 I thought of gathering all the usernames in a datareader, then looping through each username and add the user profiles to a dataset, but how do I get the user profile values? I have found how to get the profile values for individual users when they have logged in using the ProfileBase =  HttpContext.Current.Profile method, but how would I do this to get the profile using each username ?


Thanks for the help.

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How about something like this: 
System.Collections.Generic.SortedList<string> names = new System.Collections.Generic.SortedList<string>();
string[] usernames = Membership.GetAllUsers();

foreach (string username in usernames)
	ProfileCommon profile = ProfileBase.Create(username) as ProfileCommon;
	names.Add(String.Concat(profile.LastName, ", ", profile.FirstName));

DropDownList1.DataSource = names;

Thanks, Ed

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