restricting Validation on server side if user side validation is done

I was facing a problem a majot trouble. IF we disable scripts and third party browser extentions then validators goes down, they jus stop working data goes straight in database. to restrict injection (sql as well as scripts and other) i need to perform server side validations. I am using regex to validate in code behind(.cs file) of aspx pages. But that code will execute even if client side validation is performed.

I want a way to notify, means to restrict code to execute if client side Vlidation suceeds.

Is there any way please help.

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 This is a common problem. On the server side, before you process any info submitted by the client, you need to check Page.IsValid.

 This will check that even if the clientside javascript validation didnt run, the server side validation worked.

9/29/2008 5:26:07 PM