Reading active directory user id

I have a requirement to retreive all the active directory users when a specific user group isentered.
And I have the following code that does that. But my problem is it retreives everything but the user id.
How do I get only the user id? Please help.

    Public Function GetADGroupUsers(ByVal groupName As String) As ArrayList

        Dim result As SearchResult

        Dim search As DirectorySearcher = New DirectorySearcher()
        search.Filter = String.Format("(cn={0})", groupName)
        result = search.FindOne()

        Dim userNames As ArrayList = New ArrayList()
        If result Is Nothing Then
            For counter As Integer = 0 To result.Properties("member").Count - 1
                Dim user As String = CType(result.Properties("member")(counter), String)
        End If
        Return userNames

    End Function

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Refer to my thread here:

Hope this helps.

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It works great, is there any way to get the users for a specific user group. This code gives me all users.

Dim oroot As DirectoryEntry = New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://YOURACTIVEDIRECTORY", "USERNAME-ADMIN, "PASSWORD")
        Dim osearcher As DirectorySearcher = New DirectorySearcher(oroot)
        Dim oresult As SearchResultCollection
        Dim result As SearchResult

        osearcher.Filter = "
(&(objectCategory=person))" ' search filter
cn") ' username
name") ' full name
givenname") ' firstname
sn") ' lastname
mail") ' mail
initials") ' initials
ou") ' organizational unit
userPrincipalName") ' login name
distinguishedName") ' distinguised name
        oresult = osearcher.FindAll()

        For Each result In oresult
            If Not result.GetDirectoryEntry.Properties("
sn").Value Is Nothing Then
' writes specific values retrieved from above - this is just a sample.
cn").Value & ":" & result.GetDirectoryEntry.Properties("userPrincipalName").Value)
            End If

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