Multiple type of Users, with Multiple User login pages in one web application

Hello Friends,

I have a situation in my website.
I am using form authentication in my web application where I have two type of users

Merchants & Customers

Merchants sign in from url
/msignin/default.aspx and after sign in it redirects to secure folder /merchants/welcome.aspx


Customers sign in from
/csignin/default.aspx and after sign in it redirects to secure folder /customers/welcome.aspx

Now I am confused on the point that I only have one login url in my web.config file and only one default url.

How can i make these two situations work on my same application.

Please help.


Rajiv Sharma
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i think that u can handle this by useing sessions 

create on session for Merchants & Customers

give code for Merchants = 0 and Customers = 1

try this

3/17/2008 1:19:39 PM

I would only have one login page and let the built in permissions take care of deciding what to do. 

2            if (User.IsInRole("merchant"))
3                Response.Redirect("merchant url");
4            else
5                Response.Redirect("buyer url");
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3/17/2008 1:28:20 PM

The above will work as one example and I use that in some situations.  In others it might be harder if a person might happen to be both a merchant and buyer.  One thing that I have not tried but you might want to try and it might save recoding.  In the directory that you want to secure with roles, you normally drop a web.config file that has the allow and deny users defined.  Try adding another line to web.config directory file saying which default sign in you want for that directory.  My understanding is that the web.config over rides the machine.config, and the directory over ride the root. 

 But I could be out to lunch on that.

3/18/2008 7:38:09 AM

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