Multiple applications and users

We have multiple applications (100+) and lots of users.

Some users need access to multiple applications.

We have a central administration application, that handles all user management.

We use membership, role and profile providers.


Should I create an record in the aspnet_Applications for each application, or is it better to use a central single "domain" name in the aspnet_applications table and use the aspnet_Roles table to store the applications, the user has access to?

Johan Theunissen
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Are you using the default schema provided by Microsoft?  If so, I don't think it supports allowing users from one application to log in to another.  Each user record is associated with a specific application.  So if you need your users to be able to use the same account in multiple applications, you may have to use a single application name to accomplish that goal.

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I solved issue with Roles, instead of Applications..


Johan Theunissen
MCPD, MCSE, MCTS BizTalk 2006


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