membership DB, profile DB, and role DB

I use the following code to programatically cycle through each record in an mdb database and create users with the Membership.CreateUser method.  The code also creates a profile for the same user before moving to the next record.  The membership and profile DB is on an SQL 2000 server.

  1. How can I assign all these users to the role of user in this section of code?
  2. Also any idea why only 104 out of 148 records are added to the Membership table while all 148 profiles are created?  A sample record would be:
    UserName      DIST              lotus_notes                                  title                                       internet                           voice
    John R Slim    KYE   John R Slim/KYED/06/USjobs    Deputy in Charge          111-111-51111
    Joe Smith       CAS   Joe Smith/CASD/09/USjobs       Chief Deputy                222-222-2222
  3. If I explicitly put providers in web.config for membership and profiles, does roles use the membership db on the sql server or does it try to use a DB in the app_data directory of the current web?


        Dim sql As String = "SELECT * from Interpreters "

        Dim conn As Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection = CreateConnection()
        Dim objDR As Data.OleDb.OleDbDataReader
        Dim Cmd As New Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand(sql, conn)
        objDR = Cmd.ExecuteReader()
        If objDR.HasRows Then
            Do While objDR.Read()
                With objDR
                    Dim status As MembershipCreateStatus
                    Membership.CreateUser(.Item("UserName"), "123456", .Item("internet"), "Area Code and first 3 digits of your phone", Left(Replace(.Item("voice"), "-", ""), 6), True, status)

                    Dim myProfile As ProfileCommon = CType(ProfileCommon.Create(.Item("UserName"), True), ProfileCommon)
                    myProfile.UserName = .Item("UserName")
                    myProfile.Dist = .Item("Dist")
                    myProfile.Title = .Item("Title")
                    myProfile.voice = .Item("voice")
                    myProfile.Internet = .Item("internet")
                    myProfile.lotus_notes = .Item("lotus_notes")
                End With
        End If

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How can I assign all these users to the role of user in this section of code?

Simpy by adding:

Roles.AddUserToRole(.Item("UserName"), "User");

Also any idea why only 104 out of 148 records are added to the Membership table while all 148 profiles are created?

Try to use try / catch block where user is created - maybe some users gets rejected by Membership layer because of violating some rules for creation.

If I explicitly put providers in web.config for membership and profiles, does roles use ...

I strongly suggest to specify exactly where data are stored, some example you have here:

Dejan Vesić

MCAD for .Net technologies | | Blog:
12/19/2006 11:45:20 PM

I looked at your url example.  In order to use a local database I need to have  sql server or express loaded on the host web server? Right?  This is not possible for me.  I need to connect to a SQL Server 2000 for membership and for all DBs. 

I assume you mean the Roles.AddUserToRole(.Item("UserName"), "User") goes with the Profile part of the code?

I will look up Try/Catch as I have not used it except where already written for me.



12/20/2006 2:13:13 AM

I suggest to put Roles part inside Try/Catch when creating a user - no point of adding Role if user creation failed.

You can use any database you like, assuming that connection string is good. 

Dejan Vesić

MCAD for .Net technologies | | Blog:
12/20/2006 8:39:05 AM

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