Mapping a single user to multiple applications

I want to implement a single user sign on system for several web applications using the membership provider in 2.0 but having examined the schema of the generated schema for the database I have found a problem.

The primary key in the aspnet_users table is user_id as it is in the aspnet_membership table. This makes it difficult for a user to use the same login for several applications.

I know it is possible to apply the same application name to the web.config file in several sites so that the user list applies across applications. The only problem with this is that my different applications require different roles and profile settings and I would end up with all the roles  and profiles appling to all  web applications which could get messy.

Is there any way round this without altering the schema and consequently the provider classes?

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Did you find a solution yet? I ran into the same problem ....Huh?
6/1/2006 2:28:02 PM