Managing security - multiple users within a role requiring access to different content

Hi all

I've been helped out a lot with regards to roles/ membership etc. but have a couple of queries.

I have a group of people who have the role of PracticeManager. These people log in and are then forwarded to a folder/pages whereby they can submit documents relating to schemes they are involved in.

Each user on logging in must only see content which is specific to them. e.g. Documents that they have uploaded and database content that they have created. Each user will upload similar documents and create similar rows in a database but cannot be allowed to view other peoples submissions.

So as I see it I need to do the following.

  1. create a database table to contain information (name, address, practice etc) that is associated with each user.
  2. grab the user name from the users table of aspnetdb so that I can then grab the correct user profile from the above table.
  3. create session variables to track the user ensure users are accessing their own content.

Any view? Are their better ways under



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No need for session variables.  Simply restrict content based on roles or even username (

I have many appliacations which have similar requirements.  When displaying records from a database, I simply pass to my stored procedure as a sql parameter, and then restrict the SELECT statement in my SP to "WHERE Username = @username", joining on whatever tables may be necessary for your database layout. 

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Embarrassed  Now I really should have thought of that shouldn't I. Simple but perfect

 Many thanks


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