http authentication

hey all,

is it possible to add http authentication to
so i can login using
i want to store usernames and passwords in a database ... i dont want to configure iis for every user ...
its very easy in php (example in php below)

is this possible in ASP.NET ... if yes, how ?
// File Name: auth01.php
// Check to see if $PHP_AUTH_USER already contains info
if (!isset($PHP_AUTH_USER)) {
// If empty, send header causing dialog box to appear
header('WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="My Private Stuff"');
header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');
echo 'Authorization Required.';
// If not empty, display values for variables
else {
echo "
<P>You have entered this username: $PHP_AUTH_USER<br>
You have entered this password: $PHP_AUTH_PW<br>
The authorization type is: $PHP_AUTH_TYPE</p>

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I suppose you could code it so that your login.aspx page looks for querystring variables and then parses them and validates against a user file data source.

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3/15/2003 12:43:33 PM
Yes.  Just do the same as you'd have done in PHP

Response.StatusCode = 401;
Response.AppendHeader("WWW-Authenticate", "Basic realm=\"Password Protected Area\"");
Make sure to disable Windows Authentication in IIS or it will capture all the authentication requests ahead of you.
To look at the Username & Password of somebody logged in, read Request.Headers["Authorization"]
The data is Base64 encoded so use the Convert.FromBase64String() Method to decode it back to ASCII.
Hope this helps!
11/15/2003 7:06:24 AM

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