How to automatically send denied users to "access denied" page, instead of a login prompt only then to be sent to "access denied" page


My security works fine except for one small annoyance.  This is an intranet site only and are using Windows (AD) authentication with Anonymous turned off.  The 'good' users get right in, with no prompts.  This is good.  However, the 'bad' (denied) users get a prompt to enter their credentials only to be denied.  I would like to eliminate the need for them to even try and enter credentials and send them directly to an "access denied" page (no prompts).  It only wastes their time and aggrevates them.


Thank you!

Win2003, SP1 / IIS 6.0 / ASP.NET / Windows Authentication

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Maybe you can take a look at the HttpModule mentioned on this page:

I've used it in my application to redirect users with no authorization for my application to an error page.

Nils Gruson
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Sorry, but this link seems to be down.  Any other sites?


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 Hi there!

 you could use the webconfig for that specific error handling:

 <customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="error.aspx">
    <error statusCode="401" redirect="error.aspx?code=401"/>

see also:


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it seems that you've specifically added the ACL users by going to the file properties - > securities tab, otherwise that dialog box should not get opened at all. use declarative authorization in web.config and remove all other.

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Hi, bullfrog

When the your called "bad" users access your website, server will response a 401 status code. and response with 401 will trigger client browser login dialog prompted. Things come to my mind is rewriting windows authentication module and change 401 to 403 if the request do not come with a validated credential.


Andrew Zhu
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Hi guys:

 I saw Shawshanks response, but I'm not sure I know how to follow through on it.  Can anyone provide direction?


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Even we delete ACL users in the security table of file properties, login dialog box will still prompt.


Andrew Zhu
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