How can I get the user login ID by user Profile.FullName

I have a multiple user fullname list in a page(the fullname is stored in Profile).

I need to save the user LoginID into the database when I select the user fullname.

How can I get the user login ID by user Profile.FullName?


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I get the answer:

1.get all user

2. create profile

3. get the fullname to compare and get the ID


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As per my understanding you have Key = Value pair where Key =  FullName and Value=LoginID. What i would suggest that you store this key value pair in Profile using HttpContext.Current.Profile.SetPropertyValue(FULLNAME,LOGINID); [Put it once in your code]

And at a time of retrieval you can fetch loginID using full name like as given below:

long loginID = (long)HttpContext.Current.Profile.GetPropertyValue("FULLNAME");

Pls give a try and let me know if you need any help

Happy Coding!!


Kiran Patil

Kiran Patil
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