How can I carry anonymous users profile information to authenticated user

I can carry the anonymous users profile information like favourite team name etc but when the user logs in how can I  carry the profile knowledge to the authenticated users profile.

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Please provide some more information about the hangup. At least I couldn't understand what exactly are you trying to achieve.

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8/20/2006 3:21:34 AM

You need to add the Profile_MigrateAnonymous event in your global.asax. Here's a sample:

void Profile_MigrateAnonymous(object sender, ProfileMigrateEventArgs e)
        //Migrate Profile
        ProfileCommon objAnonyProfile = Profile.GetProfile(e.AnonymousID);

        //Check to make sure this is only migrated one time
        if (Profile.EmailAddress == string.Empty)
            //Now migrate the properties
            Profile.EmailAddress = objAnonyProfile.EmailAddress;
            Profile.IsWICParticipant = objAnonyProfile.IsWICParticipant;
            Profile.IsConsumerPanelOptin = objAnonyProfile.IsConsumerPanelOptin;
            Profile.PollsCompleted = objAnonyProfile.PollsCompleted;

        //Write the changes back to the DB

        //It is important to tell the AnonymousIdentificationModule to clear the anonymous identifier (the cookie). 
        //  Without this call the event will continue to fire with each page the authenticated user visits. 
 This will allow you to move your anonymopus profile properties to an authenticated user's profile as soon as they authenticate.
Sebastian G.
8/21/2006 12:27:48 AM

Hello ,

Sebatwerk , thanks for your help.

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