Get value of variable

 Hi all,

I have a problem such as (C#, webbase, store procedure):

1. I have 3 pages (aspx):

      +  the fist page (login.aspx): when user Login have 2 variable: user and password

      +  the second page (accept term): user modify password and accept term of service, have 3 variable oldpassword, changepassword, term

          i use store procedure Update user Set password=@password where mobile=@mobile

         Now i want value of variable user in The fist page to update, but i don't a way ?

         Anyone  can  help me, thanks very much 

       + the third page: main page



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Looks like you are not using the membership provider. 

Once the user has logged in in login.aspx, store the user details in the session. session("username")=username

These values will then be available to you as long as the session is valid. 


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(Solution :

the first page: Session["user"] = txtUser.Text.Trim();

the second page: string user = (string) Session["user"] )




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