Fail to Call EXE (Which is calling a web page) in Server with



I have created desktop applications in visual basic .net (Framework 2.0) which access the web information from a particular site. This application is working great. There is no problem at all.

Now I want to call this exe from web, for that I have set up application, using the process class of the System.Diagnostics namespace, it is calling exe. Its is also working great when I run this from the ASP.Net Development Server.But When I setup this application into IIS. Its getting some problem and even I can not see the error or exe because aspnet user is accessing this and it is executing in background.


Here I have tried much to resolve this proble like:


1)     I have assing the full access to this exe using the .net framework configration setup

2)    I have given web access permission using System.Net namespace in my exe as well as in code.

3)    And I have placed aspnet user inside the administrator group also.

4)    I have also tried to execute that exe with different user in Process.Start(), but I failed to to this.

5)    I have also tried to execute particular code under the different user account, but when I tried this the code is executing under different user account but this exe is executing under the aspnet. I also did not understand why this is happening But I could not find any solution at all.So can anyone please help me,

What should I do to run a desktop application that is accessing a web page from the page under IIS.



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But When I setup this application into IIS. Its getting some problem and even I can not see the error or exe because aspnet user is accessing this and it is executing in background


ASP-processing thread with IIS runs under its anonymous user process account, meaning that you won't see any window or be able to communicate with the process from the account your currently logged into. BTW, why do you want to start desktop application with UI on unmanned web server?

Best Regards
XiaoYong Dai
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It's ok if I don't be able to see that process, but  why my exe is getting some problem when it's trying to connect with a particular web site? I have created a log file in that exe in which I can see that the exe is getting problem when it tries to connect with internet with Web - Browser control. the other commands are fired successfully, that I can see from the log file. And If I try to run that exe without using a web - browser control, it's executing successfully. And even I have also given the permission/rights to use internet access to that exe.

So what is happening here? Can you please give me proper guidance so that I can do more research in right direction?





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Not sure why the same function doesn't work in background, you may pack up the copy of project and try to simplify it. then send it to Visual Studio team with detailed retro steps
Our VisualStudio team member will triage and resolve the problem. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards
XiaoYong Dai
Microsoft Online Community Support

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Yeah sure, Thanks for the help


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