Denying access to a page to certain users redirects to login page

I have an administration page in my web application (which uses Forms Authentication) and I've protected it by making an authorization rule in the web.config for that particular page.  I've allowed one user access and denied all others by using the following:


	<location path="UserAdmin.aspx">
				<allow users="AdminGuy" />
				<deny users="*" />

Let's assume that a user visits the site and isn't "AdminGuy".  I've hidden the link to that page so he can't click on it, however he knows the page's URL and types it in, attempting to access that page.  He isn't successful; instead he gets redirected to the login page.  Is there a way to redirect the user to an "Access denied" page?  I've tried adding an element to the custom errors section but it's getting ignored.


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check this: or there is a C# version also

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Thanks, that's a great article.  It pointed me in the right direction.

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