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I am developing an application which displays the Name of the user. The name information is coming either from windows logon account or from MS outlook. My job is to display the name of the user as First Name, Last Name format or Last Name, First Name format. The application should pick one of the formats based on the WEB.Config settings.

If you got any suggestions please share with me...


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In your web.config add something like: 
from your page read the setting with say: 
string nameFormat = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["NameFormat"];
now depending on the value of nameFormat display the name as needed.

string displayName = "";
if (nameFormat == "Last") 
  displayName = lastName + firstName;

 displayName = firstName + lastName ;


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Thanks For your Reply...

Is it possible for me to do changes in my Javascript based on the web.config file settings.

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Considering I know almost nothing about what you are actually trying to do, one thing that I can think of is, when you are loading the page get the Web.config setting into some hidden control and then when executing the Javascript get the value from the hidden control...


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