can we have authentication mode="Forms" in the web.config file and have Integrated Windows Authentication in the IIS?


This might be a strange question but can we have authentication mode="Forms" in the web.config file and have Integrated Windows Authentication in the IIS

Do people do that ? Is it common to do that? and in what cases.

As normally if we have  authentication mode="Forms" in the web.config file then we keep Anonymous Access in the IIS.

Thanks if you can explain this.... 

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Windows authentication and forms authentication are completely different authentication mechanisms. For the forms authentication, the user credentials are accepted from the user where as windows uses the authentication mechanism of client browser and IIS.

 Integrated Windows Authentication is best suited for an Intranet application. Also, ASP.NET implements additional authentication schemes using authentication providers, which are separate from and apply only after the IIS authentication schemes. Dont know a combination of this would really work.

 There is another observation, i have seen cases where in the authentication mode in web.config is none. In IIS, both the Anonymous access and the integrated access are checked. So this makes me feel that web.config actually overrides the settings in IIS. This can also be seen with the settings of ScriptTimeout in IIS and httpruntime of web.config.


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 If in the web.config the authentication is None and IIS in checked for Integrated Windows authentication and Anonymous?

what will that do? I am curious. Also you mentioned that web.config will override, so that means that practically there is no security as in the config it is NONE.

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 Yes you can. But read this carefully:

Authentication in ASP.NET is different than IIS authetication. You can use ASP.NET Forms authentication to authentica your users in a web page.

In the other hand if you have an IIS authentication you have the options to manage the users that can access to your web server.

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Forgetting about and web.config settings. what does Integrated Windows authentication and Anonymous both checked mean?

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Hi sahajMarg,

Forgetting about and web.config settings. what does Integrated Windows authentication and Anonymous both checked mean?

It doesn't make much sense when you enable both Windows Integrated and Anonymous authentication.

As we know, if the ASP.NET application requires Windows authentication, the authentication is done by IIS not itself. In other words, if the request can be authorized by IIS, it can access the ASP.NET application. Actually, IIS will use anonymous authentication when it enables by default. That means if you enable anonymous authentication, all the requests will be authorized by IIS to access the ASP.NET application. If you only enable Windows authentication, the domain users can accessible while the anonymous users can't.

Therefore, it's recommended to enable one of them to implement expected authentication.


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 It have much sense when you want to have extranet users and intranet user, so you can share the cookie with the form authentication and dont make 2 sites

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