Text boxes and multiline text boxes under Macintosh

Hi to all !

I'm actually using Rainbow to build a website for a shop, which will be an Apple Authorised Reseller. So the website must be visually perfect on Macintosh under Safari browser, at least.
The problem I have is simple: for example, the SendThoughts module, where we have text boxes and one multiline text box, is strangely rendered. The width has changed everywhere, and the look is not usable, because the multiline text box will take a half screen (in width), and the other text boxes are MUCH wider.
I tried a html form thru an iFrame, and html code in html module, but the problem remains the same.
Can anybody explain me what is happening here ? Is there a solution ? What is the problem behind the curtain ?
In advance, thanks to the kind guy(s) who will answer me !
Jean-Luc Marechal

Jean-Luc Marechal


Herissong Studio
6/30/2004 8:24:49 AM
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Hi Jean-Luc,

Have you tried running a normal aspx page to see if this is how it is rendered normally on safarri? If so then unfortunately I don't have the answer to hand but a quick search on google or a post on the webforms forum may point you in the right direction.
John Mandia
7/6/2004 10:14:33 PM
Hi John,

Thanks for your answer.
I tried it and it doesn't work, even a simple html page has problem under Safari.
So I tried a few other tests. Under Safari, with a hack, it's possible to enable the "Debug" menu which allows selection of another user agent (I suppose it's the html rendering engine). When I choose IE for Mac or Windows, everything is ok. In fact, Safari and the other browsers using the same rendering engine have problems.
The only one textbox or rich text editor without problem is http://www.richtextbox.com ...
Anyway, I thank you for your help.
Jean-Luc Marechal

Jean-Luc Marechal


Herissong Studio
7/6/2004 10:22:56 PM

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