What is wrong in my code?????????

I would like to return ALL ITEMES in a column by this way. 

Where is wrong in my code??
Please help (without using "asp:Repeater"!)

<!-- #INCLUDE FILE="..\include.aspx" -->
<script language="VB" runat="server">
dim mypagename as string
Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim query As String = "Select * FROM tblPages where id>0"
Dim myConn As OdbcConnection = gooz
Dim myCmd As New ODBCCommand(query,myConn)
Dim myReader As ODBCDataReader = myCmd.ExecuteReader()
Do While myReader.Read()
mypagename = (myReader("pagename").tostring)
myConn = Nothing
End Sub

8/19/2004 9:47:21 PM
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Within your loop, you are resetting 'mypagename' (overwriting the last value each time) . You need to concatenate/append the value to the variable 'mypagename'. This will append all of the values separated by a "<br>":

Do While myReader.Read()
mypagename &= myReader("pagename").ToString & "<br>"

8/19/2004 10:05:27 PM

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