What causes this ? Last row in gridview gives "dropdown list has missing selected value"


I am getting the dropdown list has missing selected value, parameter value message when I click on the Edit button (Edit Mode) in the button column on the LAST row of my gridview and only on this row.

The dropdown control works fine in all the others row.

Why ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????





11/24/2008 11:11:26 PM
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Perhaps that row represents a record in the database table that has an invalid value in the column

Steve Wellens

My blog
11/25/2008 2:27:51 AM

Good answer.

Invalid data in my db table.

But the error message was right.

To my way of thinking I had loaded a null value somewhere in the DDL..

So I started searching through the DDL.

But the error was in fact in my table.

SO how is the following for this type of error message ?  

The binding mechanism could not reconcile the value store in the table's column value with a corresponding dropdown list value.

Thanks again for the BIG clue !    


11/25/2008 8:54:53 PM

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