Using the same DataGrid with two different DataTables and one column difference

I'd like to populate the same DataGrid from two different functions with one column difference. One of the DataTables that will be used has an extra column entitled description, where I'd use a template column or bound column. I know that if I try to do it now, I'll get the error "DataBinder.Eval: 'System.Data.DataRowView' does not contain a property with the name Description. I tried using a label in the template column and disabling in the OnItemDataBound event. This obviously does not work. Is there a common way of doing something like this without having to create a whole second DataGrid with a one column difference?
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The easiest way to implement this is to add dummy column in your tabletable without additional field.

For example:

Select col1, col2,col3 ...., '' Description from TableA
Hide the column on ItemCreated.


Or you can add a empty TemplateColumn, On ItemDataBound add label control to it dynamically.



Richard Xin
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5/13/2005 4:13:34 PM

Thanks. Yes after I posted this I ended up getting the same DataTable for both and hiding a column for the one DataTable in the ItemDataBound event.


Thanks so much for the help!

5/13/2005 5:37:16 PM
One other thing. How would I get the value from the DataTable into the label in the ItemDataBound event if I wanted to do it that way?
5/13/2005 5:48:51 PM

I think I answered my own question on this one:

Label myLabel = new Label();

myLabel.Text = (e.Item.DataItem as DataRowView).Row[2].ToString();


5/13/2005 6:05:37 PM

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