Using selected values from a Multi Select Listbox in a SQL query

I have seen a few post concerning this but don't really understand fully as I am new to this.  I would appreciate any help

1) First I loop through the Listbox control and get the selected values:

Dim li As ListItem

For Each li In lbPClass.Items

If li.Selected = True Then

strPC += li.Value & ", "

End If


Label5.Text = strPC

The resulting string looks something like: 101, 102, 100 ,    I get rid of the last space and "," with the following statement

Label6.Text = Left(Label5.Text, Trim(Len(Label5.Text) - 2))

2) I would then like to use this in a SQL query using the IN statement based on a parameter called @PROPCLASS

The parameter is defined using:

Cmd.Parameters.Add(New OleDbParameter("@PROPCLASS", Label6.Text))

Here is my sql statement that ONLY works if either I only select one value from the listbox or I replace the parameter with IN( 101, 102, 100)

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM web_transfer WHERE ( PROP_CLASS IN (@PROPCLASS)) AND (ACRES >= @lowSize)AND (ACRES < @HighSize) AND (YEAR = @lowYear)AND (SALE_PRICE > @lowPrice) AND (SALE_PRICE < @highPrice) "

Please someone, how do I add this information into my SQL statement?  I have been pulling out my hair over this all afternoon and although I have leant some really useful things in the process I haven't made any headway.  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance,


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It may no be actual solution when u want to use in operator  we may not fix how many values we are going to pass. if its fixed one u can pass them as the parameters

cmd=new sqlcommand("select * from emp where sal in(@sal,@sal1,@sal2)",con)


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Thank u


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Thank u


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Thanks Baba, but I don't know how many parameters to add.  It will change each time.  Can I do this dynamically??



1/10/2008 2:30:16 PM

i think yes we can  do it

Thank u


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Thank u


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Hi Steve,

I had similar sort of problem, but i was using datasets.May be this logic helps u a little

So, i collected all the selected items from List into Array.


for (int i=0; i<Array.GetLength(0); i++)


 int result = TableAdapater.insert(Array[i]);

since insert gives me a return value , i used result to hold it.Apart from that its of no use.


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