Type MisMatch Error With String

I am getting a type mismatch error for some reason with my string field. I dont understand why because pretty much ANY value I put in should be valid for a string.



1    UpdateCommand = "UPDATE    Schedule SET  Professor_ID = @Hidden_Professor, Course_Start_Time = @Hidden_Start_Time.Value, Course_ID = @Hidden_Course, Campus_ID = @Hidden_Campus, Term_ID = @Hidden_Term, Course_Days = @Hidden_Days WHERE (Schedule.ID = ?)  "    
4        <asp:TemplateField >
5        <EditItemTemplate>
6                <asp:HiddenField ID ="Hidden_Start_Time" runat ="server" Value ='<%# Bind("Course_Start_Time") %>'  OnPreRender ="HiddenStartTime_OnPreRender" />
7                <asp:TextBox runat ="server" Width ="20" MaxLength ="2"   ID ="Start_Hour" OnTextChanged ="HiddenStarTime_OnChange"></asp:TextBox>
8                <asp:Label ID="Label4" runat ="server" Text =":"></asp:Label>
9                <asp:TextBox ID ="Start_Minute" Width ="20" MaxLength ="2"   OnTextChanged ="HiddenStarTime_OnChange"  runat ="server"></asp:TextBox>
10               <asp:DropDownList runat ="server" ID="Start_TimeOfDay" OnTextChanged ="HiddenStarTime_OnChange" >
11               <asp:ListItem Value ="AM">AM</asp:ListItem>
12               <asp:ListItem Value ="PM">PM</asp:ListItem>
13               </asp:DropDownList>
14       </EditItemTemplate>
15       </asp:TemplateField> 


Course_Start_Time    Text 

That was copied from my access database showing the type from the field. Just to give you an idea what all this code is doing basically  using two input boxes and 1 drop down list I am creating Military time from the 3 controls. Therefore if someone inputs [4]:[12] [PM] in the controls Hidden_Start_Time returns  16:12 as a string.



 protected void HiddenStarTime_OnChange(object sender, EventArgs e)
            TextBox hour = (TextBox)DetailsView1.FindControl("Start_Hour");
            TextBox minute = (TextBox)DetailsView1.FindControl("Start_Minute");
            DropDownList timeofday = (DropDownList)DetailsView1.FindControl("Start_TimeOfDay");
            int hours = Convert.ToInt32(hour.Text);
            int minutes = Convert.ToInt32(minute.Text);
            string buildstring = "";
            HiddenField hiddenstart = (HiddenField)DetailsView1.FindControl("Hidden_Start_Time");

        if (Convert.ToInt32(hour.Text) > 0 && Convert.ToInt32(minute.Text) >= 0 && hour.Text.Trim().Length > 0 && minute.Text.Trim().Length > 0)
            if (timeofday.SelectedValue.IndexOf("PM") != -1)
                hours += 12;
            hiddenstart.Value = hours.ToString() + ":" + minutes.ToString();
            int thehours = (int)DateTime.Parse(hiddenstart.Value).TimeOfDay.TotalHours;

            if (thehours <= 9)
                buildstring += "0" + thehours.ToString();
                buildstring += thehours.ToString();

            if (DateTime.Parse(hiddenstart.Value).Minute <= 9)
                buildstring += ":" + "0" + DateTime.Parse(hiddenstart.Value).Minute.ToString();
                buildstring += ":" + DateTime.Parse(hiddenstart.Value).Minute.ToString();

            hiddenstart.Value = buildstring;
         hiddenstart.Value = "";


Sorry I know its a bit messy but just wanted to show you that the Hidden control value is equal to the military time formated string. So I dont understand how can there be a possible MisMatch of types.

1/6/2008 6:21:10 AM
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Without having read your entire post, I think I see an issue...  Do you think "@Hidden_Start_Time.Value" is a problem?  I'll keep looking at what you posted, but at first glance, that looks like a syntax error.

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1/6/2008 7:20:40 AM

I dont believe that is the problem because EVERY other control that I am passing the values into the query string I never used .Value or .Text. And I even tried adding .Value to see if it could possible be the issue and it still doesnt work. 

1/6/2008 7:32:05 AM

any other suggestions?

1/6/2008 6:41:10 PM

Sure, can you profile the query to see what values are making it do SQL server?  Perhaps a parameter isn't being substituted.  If you can't profile, can you write out the values and build the sql manually?  Does it work like that?

MCAD .Net (70-315, 70-320 & 70-229)
:One that throws dirt loses ground:
1/6/2008 8:08:26 PM

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