Two gridviews for two different queries at the same time

I am doing a project a Online Flight Reservation System.The condition for data selection through queries is that: when the user selects for One-Way trip then only the first gridview will show the flights from departure station to destination station but if the user selects for the Round-Trip then I want to display the flights from departure station to destination station in GridView1 and the return flights in GridView2.What should I do for this ? Do I have to use more than one DataSets for individual GridView Contols, each dataset containing different queries Or I need to combine both the conditions for outward and return flights in one single query ? Please provide a code snippet if you can.

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Here your DataBasic Logic Involves.. Definitely you will be having one column through which you can filter Return Flights and departure flights. if user selects Round Trip then you can call your only one function Twice. i mean to Say

Suppose you have function  in your DB logic Class

public static DataTable GetFlights(int direction) //Here direction would be 1 or 0 representing Return Flights or Departure Flights


       //Pass direction to your stored procedure in select statement      

       return DataTable


and in your page Behind Code you can call it as:

GridView1.DataSource = DbLogic.GetFlights(1); //For Return Flights


GridView2.DataSource = DbLogic.GetFlights(0); //For DepartureFlights


Hope logic is clear.

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What I suggest you can do, if you do not want to change your stored procedure or use two datasets.

Use a general stored procedure to get both the data for arrival as well as departure flight.

Create a datable as:-

dt = new Datatable() as dataset;

Datatable.Filter(source like 'SouceName');

Now for one way u can use above filter.

For round trip use filter (source like 'SourceName' or 'DestinationName').

and bind the datatable to the gridview.

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