two db table column, one datagrid column

Dear all,

I have a db table which have two column, first name and last name.

Can I show them in one datagrid column?


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Yes you may. Through the usage of the TemplateColumn, yes. An example of this:

<asp:DataGrid runat="server" ID="dgSomeGrid">
                <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataSource, "LastName") %>,
                <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataSource, "FirstName") %>

-- Justin Lovell
4/10/2005 7:37:14 PM

Thank you ans,

But if I use other control such as textbox in that column, then what should i do ?


4/11/2005 3:02:11 AM

In the case of textboxes make something like this in <Columns> section of Datagrid:

<asp:TextBox runat='server' id='txtFirstName'
Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataSource, "LastName") %>'>


Gunnar Peipman

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4/11/2005 6:55:38 AM

Thank you for all of your ans

Orginally i think that text attribute is only allow one <%%> block, therefore I have this question.

Also, another possible solution is that using sql to combined two col of db table into single columns before filling into dataset!

4/11/2005 8:47:27 AM

Sure there is. Most SQL's has concatenation operators.

ORACLE:  CONCATENATE(Field1, CONCATENATE(' ', Field2)) as ResultField

MS SQL:  Field1 + ' ' + Field2 as ResultField

- Sten

4/11/2005 1:14:36 PM

Concatenating two columns works only if you don't want to let user edit the data. In the case of editing such field you have to know that what part of inserted name is first name and what part is last name. There are persons having two first names (or first and mid name) and also there are persons having lastname as two words.

Well, in this case you have on simple solution too, but you have to mention it in bold text. You can ask user to separate first and last name using some character, by example comma.

Gunnar Peipman

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Another alternative is to add a new column in the datatable (assuming you are using a datagrid) and set the Expression property.

This approach is supposed to have less overheard compared to generating the calculated column on the database backend.

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