SQL Server 2005 CTP June and VS .NET 2005 Rc1?

Is SQL Server 2005 CTP June is compatible with VS .NET 2005 RC 1?

Thanks for your help


10/2/2005 6:18:46 PM
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No I think the SQL Server 2005 June CTP uses the Visual Studio 2005 July CTP while the SQL Server 2005 September CTP uses Visual Studio 2005 September CTP.  Try the link below and use the drop down list to find your CTP compatiblity and download the SQL Server 2005 September CTP if you need it.  Hope this helps.


Kind regards,
Gift Peddie
10/2/2005 7:48:11 PM
I've just downloaded CTP September and it works great, thanks again

10/2/2005 11:28:50 PM

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