Showing/Hiding Rows in a Gridview control in Render Event


I'm using a Gridview control and need to be able to hide or show a row in a Gridview control in the Render event of a Content page.   Is there an easy way to do this?

There is a <asp:LinkButton> on the Master Page that indicates either to Show or Hide error messages.

 When I used the following code, it hides all rows.

                foreach (GridViewRow row in inGridView.Rows)
                    DataBoundLiteralControl myDealErrorBit = (DataBoundLiteralControl)row.Cells[14].Controls[0];
                    currentValue = myDealErrorBit.Text;
                    //User clicked Show Messages on the Master Page
                    if (Master.ShowErrorMessages == true)
                        if (Convert.ToBoolean(currentValue) == true)
                            row.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;
                        row.Visible = false;


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Try it in PreRender.  Render is too late.


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The same result occurs when I move the code to the PreRender event.  All rows are hidden.

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It seems to me that since the control hasn't been drawn yet, you can't interrogate it directly.  Everything is getting hidden because the true condition doesn't apply.  Try stepping through the code and see if you ever get to the rowforecolor section.  Of course, I'm a little surprised you don't get a null condition error if that were the case, so it is entirely possible I'm wrong.

I have a couple of ideas for you.

1) Interrogate the database or the object that the GV is bound to instead of the control value.

2) Filter the data before you bind it instead of setting the visibility.

3) If the condition you are selecting on isn't in the database or object, create a session variable to hold an array that gets built as the user makes selections that will take effect on the postback and interrogate that instead of the row object.

I love to display the non-secure items...
Charlie Asbornsen
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