Setting selected value of DropDownList inside a repeater control

Hi everyone,

 I am binding a repeater control to a datatable.

 I bind 3 columns from the datatable to repeater columns. With an extra column being a DropDownList.

I like on the ItemDataBound event to read a datavalue from the current record that is not displayed/bound to the repeater control (call it column4) and once I read that value I like to set the selected value of the dropDownList Control


Many thanks in advance



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 Well what you should do is find your item every time you want to read from the drop down list.
 So what basically happens is : you search for your item -  get the value.

hint : yourdatatableid.FindControl("yourddlid") or yourdatatableid.items[i].FindControl("yourddlid")    // it depends on your datatable, the items, and how you set it and how/when do u want to look for your item





Rod H
8/11/2008 3:24:37 PM
Thanks I will give it a try
8/11/2008 3:36:06 PM

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