Select multiple rows in GridView without using a Select Command ?


Does anyone knows a way to select multiple rows in GridView without using a Select command, control button or a checkbox control?

Thank you very much.

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Does anyone knows a way to select multiple rows in GridView without using a Select command, control button or a checkbox control?

I believe that this is what you are looking for:

GridView Clickable Rows


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Thanks Vinz for replying,

The  sample in the "GridView Clickable Rows" only returns the number of row selected, is there a way to highline a single row/multiple rows selected in GridView and return the total number of row selected?  Thanks


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Hi olaamigos,

GridView control can enable only one row in Selected mode . So if you want to select multi-rows , to use checkbox is a good option .

And you can loop through row collection of GV , and set row's color according to whether checkbox is checked .

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