Retaining Current Values Of DropDown List inside a Form View Control

I have two dropdownlist controls inside a formview control which lists the "genre" and "rating" for a video game.  The two dropdownlist are bound to an objectdatasource which extracts the "genre" item and "rating" item. I also set the property "AppendDataBoundItems" to "true" becaue i want the user to be able to change the current value of the list. With this in mind, i manually added "listitems" in order for the user to have a selection of all the "genre" and "rating" fields. My problem is when i go into the edit template, the data bound item is not selected but is at the very bottom of the dropdown list. How do i set the extracted value from the objectdatasource to be selected by default even after i manually added my own listitems to the drop down list? Please any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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In the PreRender event you can use FindControl to get the DDL in the editTemplate and set the SelectedValue

if(this.FormView1.CurrentMode == FormViewMode.Edit)


 // find the ddl and set the selectedValue


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Hey Rex! Thanks for the quick response. I tried your solution and it worked! Cheers!



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