Replace user id with user name


I'm sure this has to be simple but so far I'm having problems finding a solution. I have two data tables:

T_Users (id, lname, fname, etc...)

T_EventDetails (id, user1, user2, user3, date, etc)

These tables are not associated with each other (pk, fk, etc) and are part of a larger system. The "user" fields in T_EventDetails are populated with the "id" data for the various users from a set of DDLs on the main page. The DDLs get their data from the T_Users table (DataValueField="id") and each row in T_EventDetails will have four user-related entries. This all works fine and I can output the data in a datagrid, etc. Problem is, I need to display the user names (fname lname) and not the user id values.

In the past (ASP 3.0) I have used a replace function to change this data but not sure how to do this in ASP.NET. Any ideas, examples, etc would be appreciated....thanks in advance.


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You could use this SQL to get the names:

	user1_name = (SELECT fname + ' ' + lname FROM T_Users WHERE id = user1),
	user2_name = (SELECT fname + ' ' + lname FROM T_Users WHERE id = user2),
	user3_name = (SELECT fname + ' ' + lname FROM T_Users WHERE id = user3)
FROM 	T_EventDetails
2/13/2008 7:31:58 PM

Thanks for your quick reply. Tried the code as sent (changed values of course) in a code-behind and got this error:

 DataBinding: 'System.Data.Common.DataRecordInternal' does not contain a property with the name 'ID'.

 I know the T_Users table has an ID field so I am at a bit of a loss - any thoughts?


Thanks again...


2/13/2008 7:58:59 PM

Never mind - I figured it out - mssing the ID field in the overall SQL statement, not in the sub-queries.

 Thanks again, works great!! Big Smile

2/13/2008 8:03:53 PM

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