problem with getting textbox value

when i pressed button add, the following code would add a text box to datagrid

TextBox txtEdit = new TextBox();
dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].Controls.Add( txtEdit );

After that i pressed button delete, the following would remove the textbox from datagrid

TextBox txtEdit = ( TextBox ) dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].FindControl("txtEdit");
// lblTest.Text = txtEdit.Text
dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].Controls.Remove( txtEdit );

What i can not understand is that it removed the textbox sucessfully that means it could find the textbox but it can't not get the text that i typed in the textbox

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TextBox txtEdit = new TextBox();
dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].Controls.Add( txtEdit );

TextBox txtEdit = ( TextBox ) dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].FindControl("ControlName");
// lblTest.Text = txtEdit.Text
dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].Controls.Remove( ControlName);
12/22/2005 9:36:04 AM

u try!


TextBox txtEdit = new TextBox();
dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].Controls.Add( txtEdit );

TextBox txtEdit = ( TextBox ) dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].FindControl("test");
// lblTest.Text = txtEdit.Text
dgTest.Items[0].Cells[0].Controls.Remove( test);

12/22/2005 9:38:14 AM

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