Prevent browser refreshes from posting back an already-posted-back form?


I have a formview in insert mode for inserting items into a gridview.  Each item is some description text, a price, and a quantity.  I'm using SqlDataSource controls while I learn about the New Way of Doing Things.

If I insert an item, and then refresh the now-posted-back page in my browser, the same item gets inserted again.  I would like to prevent this, ideally without response.redirecting on FormView.ItemInserted every time a new item is inserted.  I don't think it'd be a question of clearing the inputs and validating for data, would it?  I mean, an F5 will repost the form, and validation fires on button clicks (etc), not refreshes.

Is there the facility to do this within the .NET 2 framework?
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See the "Trap the Browser Refresh" section of this article:

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