Passing value from one control to another and inserting that value in a table

Hey all, sorry if the subject is confusing or has already been covered, but I have (obviously) a problem (at least one).

This is using:
Visual Studio 2005
SQL Server 2005 Express
Visual Basic

I'm building a CRM system for my company and have run into a snag when attempting to add new customer records for a given client. The first thing that any CSR (or admin) must do upon accessing the CRM system is choose which client's customers they are actually working with (we have multiple clients and are ultimately responsible for providing customer service to the clients' end users), by selecting the client from a drop down list, which is bound to the ClientList Table. The text displayed in the drop down list (DropClient) is the value in ClientList.ClientName and the Value is the value in ClientList.ClientID.

Now, the problem comes when I want to enter a new customer. Each customer record (row) in the CustomerList table has 4 fields; CustomerID (primary key, autoincrements), CustomerLast, CustomerFirst, ClientID (foreign key tied to ClietList). CustomerList.ClientID does not allow NULL values, because we don't want random customer records roaming around in our DB unassociated with any clients. I am using the DetailsView control (detailsNewCustomer) to insert new records into CustomerList, and have the control bound to a SQLDataSource with the following SQL Statement:

SELECT * FROM [CustomerList] WHERE ([ClientID] = @ClientID)

Where @ClientID is DropClient.SelectedValue

What I ultimately need to know is how to instruct the Insert command to pass the following back to my DB:

1) CustomerLast = value entered by representative
2) CustomerFirst = value entered by representative
3) ClientID = @ClientID

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


- Tomarus Anguirel 

- Tomarus Anguirel
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Hi and welcome to the forums.

You are using DetailsView and Sqldatasource to insert a new record - right?  You can use the SqlDataSource's Inserting event to achieve this.  I have just showed how to change the value of ClientID parameter.  Change to suit your needs.


Sub On_Inserting(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SqlDataSourceCommandEventArgs)

    e.Command.Parameters("ClientID") = DropdownList.SelectedValue

 End Sub 'On_Inserting
6/14/2007 10:28:41 PM

In sql datasource you need

InsertCommand="insert into CustomerList (CustomerLast,CustomerFirst, ClientId) values (@CustomerLast, @CustomerFirst, @ClientD)"


<asp:Parameter Name="CustomerLast" type="string" />

<asp:Parameter Name="CustomerFirst"  />

<asp:ControlParameter Name="ClientID" ControlId="DropDownList1" PropertyName="SelectedValue" Type="string? int32? or whatever" />



I assume CustomerList has an automatic id column, so we don't even need to mention that.

You have a DetailsView with the customer names, connected to your sqldatasource

You already have the Client selected in a DDL, so you don't need to repeat that in the DetailsView.

The <asp:Parameter ...  items refer to fields in the detailsview

The <asp:ControlParameter ...  refers to the ClientID, which is in a different control. 


I am assuming you do NOT have optimstic concurrency, with "original_..." parameters, turned on.

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I'm still confused, but now I'm confused on a higher plane.
6/15/2007 10:40:12 AM

PS - it might help you if you look at the quickstart pages about sqldatasource and the gridview, detailsview and formview controls,

and work through Scott Mitchell's excellent data tutorials

(but maybe don't do the three tier user interface/business rules/data access stuff until you are comfortable with sqldatasource, everybody seems to get lost and confused with that at first, so skip the first three, concentrate on how the data presentation controls can be used. Then go back to the 3-tier stuff when you are ready).

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I'm still confused, but now I'm confused on a higher plane.
6/15/2007 10:50:28 AM

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