One Page Gridview select --> New Page Data manipulation

Hey Im sorry to start a new post about this topic, but Im a bit puzzled as to how to search for this.

I have a GridView with a list of Jobs that have been generated when a User is selected, this process is done on the same page and I simply used a "SelectedValue" and Control method of the DataSource to select the info.

What I dont know, is how to do the same thing over two pages.

 Basically what I want to do is select a hyperlink in the gridview on one page and be directed to the other page with a DataView of that information.

 I would guess it would involve passing the JobId from one page to another?

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store your joib into session and retieve on the other page...

first page:

session("jobid") = "yourjobid"

second page:

if(not session("jobid") is nothing) then

dim jobid as string = session("jobid").tostring

end if


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