OnBubbleEvent with Button (child control) in GridView (parent control)

I have a button (created at runtime) inside the gridview.  I'm having a hard time telling the grid view that row 1 (the row which was selected when the button is clicked) is selected. Here's my code so far:


        protected void ContentsGrid_RowCreated(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
            if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow)
                //Display Imagebutton for View in column 1
                ImageButton imgView = new ImageButton();
                imgView.ID = "imgView" + counter;
                imgView.ToolTip = "View " + imgView.ID;
                imgView.ImageUrl = @"~/Images/magnify2.bmp";

                //Display Imagebutton for Copy in column 2
                ImageButton imgCopy = new ImageButton();
                imgCopy.ID = "imgCopy" + counter;
                imgCopy.ToolTip = "Copy " + imgCopy.ID;
                imgCopy.ImageUrl = @"~/Images/copy.jpg";
                imgCopy.CommandName = "Copy";
                //imgCopy.Command += new CommandEventHandler(imgCopy_Command);

                //Display Checkbox in column 3
                CheckBox chkItem = new CheckBox();
                chkItem.ID = "Checkbox1";

       protected override bool OnBubbleEvent(object source, EventArgs args)
            bool isHandled = false;
            if (args is CommandEventArgs)
                CommandEventArgs ce = (CommandEventArgs)args;
                if (ce.CommandName)
                    //I don't know what to do here... T_T
            return isHandled;
            //return base.OnBubbleEvent(source, args);

        protected virtual void OnCommand(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
            foreach (GridViewRow item in ContentsGrid.Rows)
                Response.Write("Copied" + item.Cells[controls + 3].Text);

            //throw new NotImplementedException();

  Any suggestions here? This is quite new to me... Crying

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Hi Musikero11 ,

From your code, I guess you are create one costom GridView control. I can't give you full code ,but I can share my idea.

So first of all , you'd better to set the button's CommandName equals "Select" , then .

I will do it this way:


        protected override bool OnBubbleEvent(object source, EventArgs e)
            bool handled = false;
            GridViewCommandEventArgs args = e as GridViewCommandEventArgs;

            if (e is CommandEventArgs)
                CommandEventArgs ce = (CommandEventArgs)e;
                if (ce.CommandName == "Select")¡¡
                    this.HandleSelect(this.GetRowIndex(args.Row, (string) args.CommandArgument));

                    handled = true;
            return handled;

 And one good practice is to use Reflector.exe to see the source code of GridView control . You can see how to do this from there .


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