Need help binding data to GridView control inside a Repeater control


How do I bind data to a GridView control that is inside a Repeater control?


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Looks like I bind the data to the Repeater control then handle binding individual sets of data to GridViews in the Repeater's OnItemDataBound event. Is this correct?

If so, how do I pull the data back into DataTable in the OnItemDataBound event so that I can further process it i.e. slice it up so that I can bind it to multiple GridViews?


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Hi SamU,

Yes, you can handle ItemDataBound event of Repeater to generate the data source of inner GridView. The data source (such as DataTable) of GridView is usually generated by a primary key from the outer Repeater, so you can get this value from the DataItem in each item in ItemDataBound then do a query with sql statement to return a DataTable. This is the common way. Or you can use DataSource control to bind the inner GridView and set select parameter in it. Then you can assign to this select parameter in ItemDataBound event of Repeater.


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