Looking for a beginners tutorial or guide on using GRIDVIEW control with FORMVIEW control

what i want to be able to do is add a gridview control onto the page.. have it display my results

then have a link to take me to another page where they can edit the data if needed

I have a current project im working on that i have a search function on the top part and that value us passed into the GRIDVIEW below it and displays records.. each of those records has a link to a edit page.. since the gridview is merely a small teaser of all the data for the records.. the next page will display ALL fields for that record within a FORMVIEW..

The itemtemplate displays all the data in a nice format.. if its ok.. they leave it alone, if they want to edit they click edit and takes them to the edittemplate which has all the data bound to text boxes and so on.. and they can make updates and submit them..

if this is the wrong way of doing it, then i would like to see a good example of accomplishing this task..


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1/22/2009 8:53:23 PM
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This tutorial on Displaying Master/Detail Data in a GridView seems appropriate for your needs.

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1/22/2009 8:57:41 PM

Hi cubangt,

Here are some tutorials about how to use GridView with FormView controls:





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