Loading the two datatables from a dataset in to two different excel sheets using OleDbAdapter


 I have a problem now, I just created two excel sheets and I loading the data to a datatable in a dataset. If the rows are greater than 65536, then I load the remaining in the second datatable of a dataset.

But while calling the update method of OledbAdapter after the first sheet get filled it throws error as "Spreadsheet is full". OledbAdapter.Update(dataset) or even I tried OledbAdapter.Update(datatable). Since i m not using insert query to insert in to the datatable. I have a dataset which I got from someother data and using that dataset i want to fill another dataset and load it in to an excel file.

How to load the two tables from a dataset in to two different excel sheets using OleDbAdapter. Could you please help on this.



2/12/2009 6:12:14 AM
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