Is it possible to display a large text field with scroll bars in a detailsView

Hey all,

I'm interested in displaying a comments field from my database in a detailsview.  Ideally I'd like to display it in a textbox that is a set number of lines high and if the field is larger than it would add scroll bars.  Is this at all possible?  I'm leaning towards using a formView instead because it seems to be more flexible but potentially a lot more work?  Does the formView allow this?

 I'm very new to ASP.NET

Thanks in advance

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Just a simple HTML textarea will do the trick!

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I'm unclear on this. When you say an html textarea will do how do I go about adding this to the formview?  So far I've added the formview to my webpage and linked it to a sqldatasource.  It then adds all the fields to the page (from the sqldatasource) and doesn't really give me much flexibility as to how they're displayed other than where they are on the page?  Can I wipe the page of these defaultly displayed items and build it from scratch?  I've been minimizing code and trying to use the automatic approach.  I'd like to use textareas for some and textboxes for others.


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Textboxes have a property called TextMode which can be set to "MultiLine" and you can also specify the number of rows to display in the Rows property.

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