inserting record present in one gridview in one page into gridview in other page

hi,i have two .aspx page(watch.aspx) have gridview with fields  given below.the fourth column is a hyperlink column

                                                       watch.aspx                                                                  cart.aspx

                                              id      name   Price                                                       id      name   Price    

                                               1      xys       100     addtocard

                                                2     sdg        200    addtocard

when i click on addtocart link in watch.aspx page,the values corresponding to clicked one should get added to the gridview in cart.aspx page.


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Text='<%# "<a href=Case.aspx?NavigateID="+DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "rowid")+">Open</a>" %>'


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when i click on addtocart link in watch.aspx page,the values corresponding to clicked one should get added to the gridview in cart.aspx page.


Here's an interesting article on how to: Pass GridView Values



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