in a grid how to find a particular column is bound column or template column


 Any one know how to find a particular column is bound column or template column or button column,etc in a grid

Advance thanks


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use this

dim label1 as Label=ctype(GridView1.FindControl("name"),Label)

 Hope This Helps


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find a particular column is bound column or template column no to find that particular column

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please excuse me if iam wrong.

i found that bount columns values are directly renders to a <td>  where template columns create some controls inside the cell.

so you can check whether that cells[1].controls.count > 0 then it may be a template field.


correct me if iam wrong


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i got now... it was my misunderstanding

use this


to retrive its type...

Hope this helps 


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Its never good to rely on undocumented details. If we decide to change an implementation detail in the next version then you app will break. What are you really trying to do?

David Fowler
SDE, ASP.NET Team, Microsoft
1/19/2009 9:41:26 AM

Thank You Bhaarat

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