How to pass parameter value from one sql datasource to another?

Hi everybody,

Here is the problem, how to pass the values from one datasource to another one on the same aspx page, without coding?

 I have a page with FormView control to present data for one selected record from a search page, with edit item and insert item templates created. The main sql datasource keeps control on everything with select, update, delete and insert methods. For insert I am using existing stored procedure, for which the wizard generated all the required parameters. In Command and Parameter Editor I can see them, and I need to define all of them. There is no problem to bind text fields, and dropdown list's selected values using their properties. In this case I don't need to define parameters values in datasource's Command and Parameter Editor.

But I have additional parameters for my insert stored procedure,  and I have them in another sql datasource. I am trying to create a 'hidden' control (label or dropdown list with single value), bound to this datasource, and assign its value to a parameter in Command and Parameter Editor. The problem is that this control is not visible in the available Control ID dropdown list. I tried to move it in several different places on the page: inside or out of insert template, but inside the form view - result is the same. When it is located out of the form view control, it is available in Command and Parameter Editor, but during runtime gives an error: Could not find control 'ddlParams' in ControlParameter 'JT_Dept'.

Any ideas, please?



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I don't believe you can reference an object that does not exist (ie. is not visible).

You could bind the values to some simple <input type="hidden"....> html controls - then the controls exist, but they are meant to be hidden, so you can't see 'em.

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 Leave it outside, and reference the control as FormView1$JT_Dept (put your form view's id in there unless it happens to be FormView1)

You will have to go into code view to do that. 

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FormView1$JT_Dept - that works! Thanks a lot!


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