How to manipulate images and combe multiple database columns into one column in a GridView control

Hi Folks,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with something.

I am trying to put together a photo album as a learning exercise and have a GridView control with two columns linked to an Access Data Source. In the left hand column (called Image) I want to display the photo and in the right hand column (called Details) I want to provide details such as Date, Location, People and Comments, Camera Type etc. Each of these is columns is taken from the database I have set up.

However, I have am having some problems:

1: At the moment I have been able to get the image to display (using an image column and adding the URL of the photo taken from the database), but have set all the photos to a set size regardless of orientation and size. I would like adjust the size of the control depending on the image orientation rather than having portrait photos crushed into landscape sizes - what is the best way to do this?

2: What is the best way to combine a series of fields into one GridView column? Is there way to build a block of HTML based on the contents of the dataset and add it to the Details column. Or there a more flexible\practical solution?

Any help and advice is greatly recieved!



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Hi Morris,

I think you have to work with somekind of thumbnail system to reduce/set the imagesize... or are you allready using this?

Don't get your second question... can't you just copy the content of second column to the first column?

Go to GridView Tasks (little arrow right top of the gridview) > Edit Columns... > Select your column by 'Selected fields' and click Convert this field into a TemplateField
( do this with both your fields ) Then go to GridView Tasks again and click Edit Templates

Then copy the content of second column to first column.


Cheers Danny

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