how to let ButtonColumn control button's visible's property in DataGrid


I has a ButtonColumn in a DataGrid,and a button in the page, In the page_load() event i wrote:

if (Not IsPostBack) then


end if

and the ButtonColumn CommandName="delete"

in the DataGrid1_delete() event i wrote


But when i press the "delete" ButtonColumn ,the button1 can not be visible,i don;t why

How can when i press "delete" ButtonColumn,the Button1 can be visible

Thanks a lot.




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How can when i press "delete" ButtonColumn,the Button1 can be visible

When you press the Delete button in your datagrid, in should trigger an event called item_command.

Also, with your Delete button, you should set a command name for it. You can do this from the property builder, select columns, and then select your bound column to set the command name. 

In the event handler, you can then make your page button visible. 


private void DataGrid1_ItemCommand(object source, System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs e)
if (e.CommandName == "your buttons command name")
//show button
Button1.Visible = true;
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Hi yugiant,

I have test your post above, and I wrote button1.visible=true in the event DeleteCommand and it works fine on my pc. DataGrid does not has an event named delete, try to use DeleteCommand please.

Samu Zhang
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