HI, Can you tell me how can i get the value of a column or columns which row i select ? 


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 write the follwing code..


here we wil get the id which we have selected ...6 is nothing but it is the 6th field we have bounded to the datagrid...




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hi ,

if u are using with then write like this




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Can you please be more specific regarding the type of data you are trying to get to and the event you are using.  There are different ways of accessing different things

1) If you want the primary key of the selected row you can use the DATAKEYS collection of the gridview.

2) If you just want to get to simple text data then you can use "e.Item.Cells[6].Text.Trim()"

3) If you want to access controls in the gridview cells then you have to use e.Item.FindControl("controlname") and cast it to the control type you expect and then access its value.


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ok, excuse, yes i wnat the primary key value of the selected row, please can you tell me how can i get it ? and In Which event would i use this code ?

thanks Patrick
8/1/2007 4:24:34 AM
ok, excuse me, yes i want the primary key value of the selected row, please can you tell me how can i get it ? and In Which event would i use this code ?

thanks Patrick
8/1/2007 4:24:44 AM

 go through the following thread.. 

Thanks and Regards,
Kanakaiah etipakam(RAJA)

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