How to get the text of textbox(the textbox inside a datagrid) by using a javascript function

Hi there,

I have a datagrid in my web application. Inside the datagrid, I have web controls such as dropdownlist and textbox. Everytime I change selection of dropdownlist I want use a javascript function to get the value of dropdownlist and text in textbox. How can I do that?



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Getting the value of the DDL (DropDownList) is not really a problem . The textbox on the other hand might be.

In your Page_Load event Handler you can add theses lines to add an event handler to the DDL in the Client side:

myDDL.Attributes.Add("OnChange", "myDDLEventHandler(this)").

where myDDL is your DropDownList, if you don't see it server side, you might want to use FindControl in your GridRow to find it.

next step. the javascript: 
<script language="javascript">
    function myDDLEventHandler(sender)
       var mVar = sender.value;

 Now for the textbox, if you are in a content page , the id of your texbox , is not going to be "txtbox" if that's how you named it. it will be a combination of  a couple of other strings before..

if you could give me your .aspx code i can answer accuretly what that name would be and how to get the rest.

Hope it helps!


Still in search of the far side.
A code snippet may help you, but a reference to the doc will teach you something for later...Don't just try to solve somebody's problem with a snippet, teach him how to solve it.
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