how to get a control ID from a bind field name / bound field (column) name from a formview's control

I have a form view which is bound to a table, now from codebehind file I need to apply some formatting based on some of the field's bound control. For example, if Formview1 is bound to Employee table, and it's item template has a control with ID "Label1" which is bound to "EmployeeJoinDate" . Now, I have a different table which has a list of field name(EmployeeJoinDate is one of them), all of which should be applied some formatting based on some condition.

Now I can take two approach for that, but I am stuck at both:

 1. If I can somehow get the control ID which is bound on a particular column(eg, find the control that bounds to "EmployeeJoinDate"), I can easily apply the formatting. But I couldn't find anywhere how to do it.

2. I can iterate through all the controls in formview using FormView.Controls collection and check if it is bound to any of the field in the ConditionalFieldList, then apply the formatting. But I don't know how to find the bound field name of any control.

 Any clue? I would prefer any solution to the approach 1, as in that case I only have to iterate through only those fields, where the condition will be applied, Not all the controls inside the formview. But if it's not possible suggestion to approach 2 will also be appreciated.





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Here you go... this is pretty common... you will use FindControl...

in the Page_PreRender use this code and then do your formatting there also:

Dim Label1 As New System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label

Label1 = CType(gridbill.Rows(x).FindControl("Label1"), System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label)


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Well you can do this  in the databound event of your formview where you have to search for your control.

Something like this:


Label lbl = (Label)FormView1.FindControl("Label1");

lbl.Id = here you can get the id you want. 


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Maybe I was not clear enough. I know how can I get access to a webcontrol using FindControl method. But for this I need to know the Server ID of the control. But the thing is I don't know which ID the control has, I only know the bound field name(EmployeeID), using this name I want to find the controlthat is bound to this field(in this case Label1) .

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